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quote International moving is something I have no experience with, and moving to a new country was a scary enough prospect without the worry of handling my belongings. Moving Teddington were fantastic, and their experience and knowledge really shone through, helping me with everything in time for the big move. I fully recommend this company if you're moving abroad!

  • Shelley
  • 21Aug 2015

quote Removals really helped me and my family out on moving day. Although I thought we had it all covered, it turned out that hiring a mover was an invaluable step that I'm so glad I took! I thought I could have managed to carry all of our furniture, but I hadn't thought about the difficulties of moving our fridge, freezer and washing machine. Luckily, our mover was used to problems like this, and quickly sorted the issues. If I move again, the only movers I'll use will be from this company! Cheers!

  • Stuart F.
  • 08Apr 2015

quote Moving with TeddingtonRemovals has been a truly wonderful experience for me. Even though I had a lot of things to move, I was able to do so at a very reasonable price. I was worried about how they would pack and store my belongings in the van and how the drive would treat them, but when they arrive at the destination I was pleased to find that nothing was damaged or broken. Thanks a lot and well done!

  • Marcus S.
  • 03Dec 2014

quote I was extremely happy with the moving company I recently hired for my relocation. TeddingtonRemovals did a great job when I moved out of the family home after my split from my husband. I bought a flat and had an excellent removal service from this firm. From the first call to the last item being placed in my flat the entire move went really well. There were no delays or damage and the bill at the end was good too.

  • Olivia Webb
  • 12Nov 2014

quote I recently hired TeddingtonRemovals for their man with a van removals service. I stumbled across some really positive reviews for this company when looking online for removal advice, and chose to hire them after getting a fantastic price quote. I don't have a bad thing to say about this company - my mover was cheerful, professional, efficient and had no problems when it came to lifting my heavy furniture and large TV! I'm looking forward to using this service again to help with my eldest son's moving day in a couple of months, and have already recommended this service to everyone I know!

  • Brian F.
  • 07Oct 2014

quote TeddingtonRemovals offered to me an extensive range of removal services and all of them were brilliant I admit. I've used them all at different times and they all have been superb and I've been happy with them all. So that's why I definitely recommend this company and I'm sure if you hire them, you will be just as happy with them as I was. Thanks so much to the team for making it so easy and most of all, for making it quick!

  • Fiona Harrison
  • 10Sep 2014

quote My family and friends are already bored of hearing about TeddingtonRemovals and they only just finished moving me in three days ago! Extremely impressed with their efforts - especially as we were moving in a pretty inhospitable environment. It was pouring with rain the entire time, but this didn't seem to faze them one iota. They seemed well prepared for eventualities like this, and they had the accessories to ensure my stuff reached its destination without a raindrop on it! Would urge anyone moving home to speak to these guys - they really, really know their stuff!

  • A. Merchall
  • 21May 2014

quote Can't think of an easier moving experience I've had in all the times I've moved. Ever since I was a little girl, I've noticed that moving home was a stressful process, one which used to drive my parents up the wall. And then I moved a few times myself and I figured out why. Then I hired TeddingtonRemovals and now I know the secret to making it easy. Next time I move, they'll be the first people I call and I can think of no one better when it comes to making sure that you get the best experience.

  • Carol Lagerfield
  • 29Apr 2014

quote I had such a great experience with TeddingtonRemovals on my moving day that I felt I just had to leave a review. I called the company because a friend of a friend recommended them for my house move, and it was such a good thing that I did! I thought I was prepared for my move, but I hadn't thought about any of the practical elements, like how to get my fridge out of the kitchen or how to get my dressing table down the stairs! Luckily I had experienced movers to help me, and I wouldn't have been able to cope without them! Everyone was very friendly and efficient, and the prices were pretty great too!

  • Lucy K.
  • 04Apr 2014